What's next?

Although the mill now looks largely complete from the outside, there is work needed to get the mill turning to face the wind automatically, to get the sails turning under windpower (and held firm with a brake), and to complete the geared drives to the stones so we can grind grain.

This means leveling the site:

 Fitting teeth to the brake wheel and adding a brake:

Fitting the fan tail wheels, blades and drive gearing

And of course we can also re-instate the 12 sided roundhouse at some point:  
(we're collecting bricks...)

We also have some patent shutters which we could fit at some point: 

The full list of job to be done (in addition to maintenance of the site) can seem quite daunting, but put in the context of what we have achieved over the last 35 years, its just the finishing touches really!

Element Work to be done bits
Fan tail Wheel shafts x2
Fan tail Wheel bearings x 4 Find a source?
Fan tail Worm gear and ring gear Cast
Fan tail 3:1 bevel gear x2 cast
Fan tail Fan hub- lighten! grind + angle iron
Fan tail Hub shaft, end turning and drive square
Fan tail haft steady rings x 2 laser cut or blacksmith
Fan tail 8 inter-blade ties blacksmith
Fan tail Vertical drive shaft
Fan tail Horizontal drive shaft
Fan tail Dog clutch , manual handle
Fan tail Drive shaft bearings  x6 Find a source?
Fan tail Frame to tail pole tie rods  4x 8'
Ladder Ladder wheels x 2 (or repair one) casting (or repair)
Ladder Wheel support beams x2 oak
Ladder Excavate and line ladder track digger + crushed stone (spare from barn floor?)
Ladder Bearings x 4 Find a source?
Ladder wheel shafts x 2
Brake metal links between segments  x7?
Brake Brake lever arm
Brake Brake catch got
Brake Brake lift pulley system (to all levels)
Brake wheel Fit brake lining
Brake wheel make and fit 66 teeth Fruit wood
Cloth sails Source cloths  Danzey Green or Lacey green?
Patent sails Left and right hand shutter acuators  (88 needed, some survive) got pattern for one type
Patent sails End support  (88 needed, some survive) got pattern
Patent sails Pintels (176 needed, some survive) either cast or use wooden lath with holes?
Patent sails Acuating rods (4 needed, 1 end survives)
Patent sails Repair spider One arm is missing
Patent sails Striking rod
Patent sails Belcrank (4 neededs)
Patent sails Counter weight
Patent sails Yard arm
Sack hoist Fit drive gear in position, needs wedging
Sack hoist Make barrel frame
Sack hoist Make barrel and gear
Sack hoist Roof pulleys options to switch sides?
Sack hoist Sack traps (upper mezzanine and mill floor) x 2 sets? but metal plate, tie rods, joist trimming
Sack hoist Control ropes
Sack hoist Lifting chain
Flour bins Walkway (upper mezzanine) & support joists
Flour bins Ladder up to upper mezzanine Existing Ladder position is wrong….
Flour bins Flour bins x 2
Gearing Remake wallower Got old, may need a smaller one…
Gearing Remake auxillary Repair or copy?
Machinery Re-appropriate the flour dresser from Pitstone Pitstone
Machinery Cut holes in upper floor for chutes
Machinery fit belt drive (and actuating lever) got puller + gear
Machinery Mobile mill
Machinery (Winnower to the visitor center with its elevator driven by a gas engine)
Stones Vertical drive shaft x2
Stones Stone nut engagement/ disengagement x2
Stones Another set of stones Oxford county museum?
Stones top stone bearing x2
Stones Top stone drive bar x2 got some?
Stones Wiping brush  x2
Stones Exit chute and bag hanging  x2
Automatic tenter Governor (weights, arms, pulley spindle etc) Patterns made, need casting
Automatic tenter Control rod & wingnut
Automatic tenter Connection to brayer Card pattern
Automatic tenter Main drive shaft take off pulley Geoff made
Manual tenter Control rod & wingnut
Manual tenter Connection to brayer Card pattern
Roundhouse foundations digger + crushed stone (spare from barn floor?)
Roundhouse Walls construction bricks + volunteer labour?
Roundhouse Roof frame Use old barn rafters?
Roundhouse Roof leading
Iron shed Sort through contents Sell spare oak for inglenook fireplaces?
Iron shed Demolish Scrap value?
Iron shed Replacement hedge / fence 

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