What's next?

September 2014
The mill may look finished now the sails are on, but there is much more needed before we can grind grain (see the full list below), and unlike the 'heavy duty carpentry' that's been involved to date, much of this doesn't so much require voluntary effort, but rather we'll have to buy in parts and subcontract specialist skills.
(We plan to make the this security camera view of the mill available as a live web feed, 
together with wind data from the site.. watch this space for a link)

We have spent every penny we have on getting the sails made and fitted professionally, so now there will be a lull while we raise funds we need to get the mill working for real.

We already have guide books, post cards and detailed plans for model makers etc, and now the mill has its sails we'll be looking for 'guides and friends' to open the mill and give tours both on a regular basis and alongside other village events on Whites field.

Help with this fund raising side of the project is now more vital than ever.


In order to get the sails turning we first need to be able to stop them safely, so our first priority is fitting the brake mechanism.
(The sails are currently anchored very firmly with ratchet straps inside the mill)

Once the iron and wood brake band which wraps right around the brake wheel is fitted, we'll be able to stop the sails smoothly and safely, and so then be in a situation to start them and to do this we'll need to buy the cloths to fit onto the sails.

It would be great to have raised the monies for the brake and cloth sails so we can turn under wind power on National Mills Day ,10th May 2015

However we'll only be able to turn the sails if the wind happens to be from the appropriate direction that day..... to be sure we can turn the sails in any prevailing wind, the whole mill also needs to be able to rotate on its post to face directly into the wind.

To do this we must first level the site (anyone with a spare digger?).

We also need to find bearings and large wheels for the fan tail carriage so it can be used to rotate the mill (has anyone got a spare pair of heavy duty 60" diameter wheels cast iron wheels with a 4" wide rim?!) 

(Ideally we should also buy gears, couplings and drive shafts prepared to transmit the turning of the fan tail to a worm drive onto the wheels, so we automatically keep the mill pointing in the correct direction.)

After this work, with the mill able to rotate, we'll be able to match any wind direction and so reliably and turn the sails using any prevailing wind.


To finally grind grain there's  internal work  such as completing the gearing  linking the stones to the sails, fitting the speed governor mechanism, and building grain bins and flour chutes etc
(we're also short of a pair of millstones?)

There's also a sack hoist and rotary sieve to reinstate

There is then a brick roundhouse to be built around the base which protects the wooden trestle and would have provided the miller with a storage area for his incoming grain and outgoing flour  (any bricklayers our there who want to show off their skills with a 12 sided Flemish bond wall?)

We plan to re-instate the patent shutter mechanism, an upgrade to the mill at the end of its life to make running the mill less hectic for the miller in gusty winds.

There is a lot of mechanism involved here, but we about half of the shutters survived so we'll make the rest  (specialist castings will be required) there are 88 shutters needed- anyone fancy sponsoring a shutter or two?

The full list of 'what's next' is below.....it may seem a bit daunting but given the 30 years already spent on the project I guess we're almost there!

Work to be done

Fan tail
Wheels x2

Wheel shafts x2

Wheel bearings x 4
Find a source?

Worm gear and ring gear

3:1 bevel gear x2

Fan hub- lighten!
grind + angle iron

Hub shaft, end turning and drive square

haft steady rings x 2
laser cut or blacksmith

8 inter-blade ties

Vertical drive shaft

Horizontal drive shaft

Dog clutch , manual handle

Drive shaft bearings  x6
Find a source?

Excavate and line fantail track
digger + crushed stone (spare from barn floor?)
Ladder wheels x 2 (or repair one)
casting (or repair)

Wheel support beams x2

Excavate and line ladder track
digger + crushed stone (spare from barn floor?)

Bearings x 4
Find a source?

wheel shafts x 2
Wooden segments x 8?
Get out and look at surviving remnant

metal links between segments  x7?

Brake lever arm

Brake catch

Brake lift pulley system (to all levels)
Brake wheel
Fit brake lining

make and fit 66 teeth
Fruit wood
Cloth sails
Source cloths

Fittings for mounting cloths
Patent sails
Left and right hand shutter actuators
got pattern for one type

End support
got pattern

either cast or use wooden lath with holes?

Actuating rods

Repair spider
One arm is missing

Striking rod


Counter weight

Yard arm
Sack hoist
Fit drive gear
in position, needs wedging

Make barrel frame

Make barrel and gear

Roof pulleys
options to switch sides?

Sack traps (upper mezzanine and mill floor) x 2 sets?
but metal plate, tie rods, joist trimming

Control ropes

Lifting chain
Flour bins
Walkway (upper mezzanine) & support joists

Ladder up to upper mezzanine
Existing Ladder position is wrong….

Flour bins x 2
Remake wallower
Got old, may need a smaller one…

Remake auxiliary
Repair or copy?
Re-appropriate the flour dresser from Pitstone

Cut holes in upper floor for chutes

fit belt drive (and actuating lever)
got puller + gear

Mobile mill

(Winnower to the visitor centre with its elevator driven by a gas engine)
Vertical drive shaft x2

Stone nut engagement/ disengagement x2

Another set of stones
Oxford county museum?

top stone bearing x2

Top stone drive bar x2
got some?

Tun x2
In progress

Wiping brush  x2

Exit chute and bag hanging  x2
Automatic tenter
Governor (weights, arms, pulley spindle etc)
Patterns made, need casting

Yard arm

Yard arm pivot point

Control rod & wingnut

Connection to brayer
Card pattern

Main drive shaft take off pulley
Geoff made
Manual tenter
Control rod & wingnut

Connection to brayer
Card pattern


Walls construction

Roof frame

Roof leading
Visitor centre
Weather board

Iron shed
Sort through contents
When Visitor centre complete


Replacement hedge / fence

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